An A+ Design Makes
a Smart Choice

A pioneer within the Indian retail landscape, Spencer's has a history that dates back to 1863. Since then, their network has gained extensive reach, with over 200 stores in 35 cities throughout India. To boost their already stellar performance, the company took on an extra credit project: creating a private label program that would augment the current offering and establish them as a food-first player in the marketplace. Enter Perennial, hired to provide some one-on-one tutoring in the business of retail design. 


Our first course of action was to hit the books. After conducting a series of exercises to determine the ideal positioning for the new brand, we developed a private label strategy with a 2-tiered approach: a premium tier driven by product innovation and a cost-competitive standard tier. The next assignment was to come up with a name, and thanks to our solid understanding of the consumer mindset, we knew that shoppers want to feel like they're making smart choices for their families - Smart Choice passed the test with flying colours. An identity, package design, and launch campaign followed, all earning high marks for their ability to bring the Spencer's brand to life on shelf.

  • Spencer's Smart Choice
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