All Perked Up

Second Cup serves a great cup of coffee, coffee lovers can always count on that. However,
its coffee bean packaging was a different story, entirely. Lacking in presence, the packaging's generic appearance hampered sales. Its failure to impress in café and on the grocery shelf prompted the company to approach Perennial. Fresh from brewing magic in the creation of Second Cup's ideal café, we focused on developing a packaging design system that exuded a similar indie vibe and communicated the brand's love of coffee.


Given our mandate to develop a crafted yet contemporary design solution, our process began with an extensive audit of the coffee bean category. Guided by these insights, we developed an approachable and credible design system that reflected Second Cup's values of caring, community responsibility, and craftsmanship. To stand out on shelf, the new packaging featured iconic, witty, and cleverly arranged coffee bean images that represented flavour profiles and places of origin. In line with our objective to make the design robust and distinctive, we also added a bright colour system for product differentiation and clear communication hierarchy. And to showcase the numerous sub brands and line extensions, we ensured the system was flexible and adaptable. A perfect blend of freshness and strength, these lively designs complimented Second Cup's specialty and what they love most – coffee. - free Joomla templates