Creating a Stir

Whether it's procuring, roasting, or brewing, when it comes to coffee, Second Cup is without a doubt, first among equals. Despite its passion, care, and commitment to quality and craftsmanship, its coffee sales were on the decline. And with competition growing rapidly, the company found themselves in need of a jump-start. An exercise that began with the creation of the ideal café and packaging redesign, Second Cup also sought our expertise to develop marketing communications to stir up public interest, revitalize brewed coffee sales, and most importantly, drive traffic to the cafés.


Inspired by the ideal café, our strategy was to project Second Cup as the national chain of independent cafés by celebrating its authenticity and craftsmanship. In order to highlight the brand's coffee credentials, we had to create a distinctive personality for Second Cup. Which meant showcasing quality and variety, and redirecting the focus from instant, but forgettable, price promotions, to rebuilding the brand with emotional benefits to attract old and new customers alike. To get coffee lovers through the doors, we introduced a variety of initiatives, including monthly in and out-of-café campaigns, product promotions, and events. Our creative approach – a new handcrafted look, and a confident and witty tone of voice – changed the conversation, as there was a lift in sales and return visits. As time went by, our approach too evolved, and we created a more sophisticated, yet approachable look, but our focus remained unchanged – celebrate Second Cup's love of coffee. - free Joomla templates