Sears is a name we're all familiar with, thanks to a 60 year history of providing products and services to the whole of Canada. But familiarity doesn't always serve you well in retail - an industry where the only constant is change. Identifying the need for a drastic business and brand overhaul, Sears asked Perennial to help bring back the glory days, with a retail refresh that got the basics right, established a strong retail rhythm, and championed innovation at every turn.


For Sears to come back with a bang, we needed to rekindle a relationship with Canadian families, providing the products they want in an environment they love. We began by focusing on Barrie, Newmarket, Belleville, and Lime Ridge - four important communities where Sears could, and should, be a key destination.

Inside the stores, we started on those all-important basics. With an unmistakable value proposition a key part of their business goal, we had to establish Sears as an authority in well-priced, core commodity products. How people shop was a key focus, so we created more intuitive, easy-to-navigate adjacencies inspired by the belief that we should shop by how we live, not by brand. We implemented clear merchandising principles too, making shopping a more simple and instinctive experience. But most importantly, we designed power towers-the cornerstone of the new merchandising and wayfinding at Sears. Through these towers, we gave Sears the perfect platform to assert their authoritative position on basics by highlighting hero products and making them shine.

For an improved sense of style that would bring Sears into a more modern mindset, we merchandised product to become the key wayfinding elements with the store. Instead of big signs and hanging posters, bold authoritative merchandising on the power towers became the in-store beacons to guide our shoppers. Next we created event hubs - a flexible stage on which to showcase and drive marketing calendar events. Acting like pop-up stores, overflowing with excitement, and ever-changing with stories that represent global trends, the hubs helped keep Sears feeling fresh, current, and alive.

The results were clear for all to see. By creating in-store destinations in which product is hero, we drove home the Sears vision of owning the basics. By creating lifestyle adjacencies, Sears became a more welcoming store. And by establishing simple merchandising principles, we helped every kind of customer find what they need when they need it.  Long gone was the tired, cluttered store to which we'd grown all-too accustomed. In its place, a bright, vibrant, and inviting Sears, with clean lines and open space, and a sales lift more than double our target goal. - free Joomla templates