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With a 64-year history as a family-run venture, the business of grocery retail was familiar ground for Schnucks. What started in the 1930s as a handful of stores in Missouri quickly grew into an enterprise of over 100 stores in five states. This success was in no small part due to the family's constant willingness to evaluate their operations and make improvements to help the people who matter most - their customers. When Schnucks was looking to revitalize its shopping experience, they called their neighbours to the north for help.


Already known for having the friendliest staff around, Schnucks wanted to make sure the physical store lived up to the company's tagline, "We make it easy". Bringing this idea to the forefront, Perennial created a new positioning that defined Schnucks as the place to go for easy solutions. We redesigned the store layout, moving grocery and perishables closer together and creating clear focal points. Greater emphasis was placed on pharmacy and general merchandise, highlighting Schnuck's commitment to providing total life solutions. And a new décor package, improved navigation, and distinct price messaging all contributed to making this homegrown store worlds better.

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