Letting Internet Customers Shop at Their Own Speed

The technology industry moves so fast these days, it can be a task for customers to find the products that best meet their needs. When it comes to choosing internet packages, there's the added confusion of countless service providers vying for the same business. Our challenge with Rogers was to create a starter kit that would help customers keep pace with the digital developments in Hi-Speed Internet, while communicating the benefits of Rogers' four different service options - Ultra-Lite, Lite, Express, and Extreme.


There was no rushing the customer in their decision, instead we focused on educating them in Rogers' services so they could make an informed choice. With an agile creative delivery that worked across all four options, we used different colours and bold titles to give them strong identities. It was a unique, interactive package that highlighted Hi-Speed Internet in a fresh, unexpected way, giving the Rogers product offer real retail momentum. - free Joomla templates