Reintroducing Zehrs
to the Community

A banner of Loblaw Companies Limited, Zehrs has been a mainstay of rural Ontario communities since 1950. But as many of these sleepy towns awoke to population increases thanks to the sprawl of commuting city workers, Zehrs also saw the arrival of competitor grocery chains encroaching on their market share. They came to us for a differentiation strategy that would give people reason to visit the friendly store just down the street.


Zehrs is guided by one overriding philosophy: put yourself in the shoes of every customer who comes through the door. Their commitment to customer service and delivering "good value at a low price" made them the kind of neighbour everyone loves to have, so we developed a strategy that celebrated their position as neighbourhood grocers. We gave the store an intimate, local feel, and created approachable, conversational communications that spoke to shoppers on a personal level. And we made sure the store's homegrown heritage was always front and centre as we designed a new experience for Zehrs that the big box players just couldn't replicate.

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