Making No Frills All That

In the case of No Frills, less is more. No extravagance, no fuss, and a real commitment to quality. And because keeping things basic means lower costs, it's an approach their customers have grown to love. Our task was to create a new brand identity that followed the same simple suit, while building credibility for this discount food retailer.


Knowing what's at the heart of No Frills, we complemented their minimalist mantra and pared down our creative to what really mattered. Less fancy stuff and more savings, to be exact. A simple, streamlined, and easily identifiable banana icon summed up their pitch perfectly - fresh and basic. A new price position statement reaffirmed No Frills' ultimate selling point of affordable produce. While an updated store design dispelled those urban myths linking budget shopping and bad taste, with brighter colours and cleaner surfaces creating a cheerful, welcoming environment.

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