Growing Up PC: A Timeline

Like any proud parents, Loblaw Companies Ltd. (LCL) couldn't wait to show off their new line of President's Choice (PC) general merchandise. Given our knack for putting together the ideal outfit for stores and products alike, they asked us to develop packaging that would evoke quality, innovation, and excellent value. Using fridge-worthy product photography featuring beautiful, contemporary images, we created a visual identity that fit PC perfectly - sophisticated enough to compete with the best of the category, yet flexible enough to roll out across different formats.


First words are an exciting milestone. So when LCL was ready to take its PC Telecom  mobile services offer to market, they wanted it to stand out. From product packaging and phone cards, to brochures and in-store communications, we developed all the materials for the launch, as well as some seasonal campaigns. To make sure it didn't go unnoticed, we created an all-in-one merchandising unit to showcase the program, which has since been rolled out to 510 stores nationwide across the various LCL banners.


Never one to settle for average, LCL made waves in yet another territory, when they teamed up with ESSO's On the Run convenience stores. The idea was to rev up ESSO's business and boost sales with a PC grocery offering. By adding key product categories like meal solutions, snacks, and beverages to the mix, we helped them take convenience to a whole new level. While our PC-branded gondolas, bulkheads, and exterior signage made sure nobody drove out of there a stranger to PC. - free Joomla templates