When it comes to brand recognition, Coca-Cola is at the top of its game. Since its inception in 1886, the company has grown and evolved to great heights, becoming the #1 most recognized brand in the world. Even more impressive, it has managed to consistently maintain the delicate but powerful balance of a brand with both global presence and local relevance. The latter is where Perennial comes in; as a creative partner to Coca-Cola, we provide design strategy for packaging and merchandising solutions targeted to Canada.


We're often tasked with adapting global Coca-Cola packaging programs for the Canadian marketplace, such as those for the Olympics and winter holidays. We really get to flex our creative muscles, though, when dreaming up original designs exclusive to Canada. A hockey-inspired look for Coke Zero celebrated our country's love of the game. The Diet Coke packaging we conceived for Holt Renfrew's 175th anniversary was showcased in Fashion and Loulou magazines. And a special carrier we created for Diet Coke bottles welcomed Target upon its entry into Canada. As retail specialists, it's in our nature to consider packaging within the context of a store environment, which is why we're also on hand to develop in-aisle merchandising solutions, like the one that appears in IGA stores across Quebec. - free Joomla templates