Giving Mastercraft
the Tools to Succeed

A trusted name for 60 years, Mastercraft was no new brand on the block when they asked us to rethink their identity and product packaging. Thanks to a powerful lifetime guarantee backed by parent company Canadian Tire, the line had become a favourite of professionals and DIYers alike. This long-standing relationship meant that our job wasn't to reinvent the wheel, but rather sharpen their image to ensure it was delivering on the brand's key attributes: performance, durability, versatility, ease of use, and clever design.


Our first task was performing an audit of the competitive set to construct a sturdy positioning for the Mastercraft brand. We then polished up the identity, striking a balance between a look that felt contemporary but also kept its heritage intact. Next came a packaging refresh, and we didn't need an instruction manual to know that limiting the amount of information on the principal display panel was the right step. Our new layout made it easier for consumers to read and understand product features, while a cleaner, more industrial looking background allowed the new photography to showcase the product as hero and stand out on shelf. Thanks to our adaptable, scalable design, over 3000 SKUs will be checked off Mastercraft's To Do list.

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