Changing the Game
of Hockey Retail

There's a first time for everything, and for Bauer, it was venturing into the world of retail. Having only been involved in manufacturing and wholesaling, the hockey giant came to us wanting a store that would celebrate the Bauer brand, educate consumers on their products, and promote trial. It was a rare opportunity to build a store model from scratch, and our goal was to transform Bauer from an innovative hockey manufacturer into an even more innovative retailer with plans to sustain and grow – forever changing the game of hockey retail.


To make Bauer stand out from the crowd, we created an experiential customer journey built entirely around the player – immersing consumers in an aspirational environment that makes them feel capable of achieving pro-level performance. In-store communications educate players on how to select the right equipment, speaking to the on-ice benefits and explaining how science and innovation can improve their game. Highly trained Personal Fit Experts are on hand to help guide consumers through a one-of-a-kind fit, learn, experience protocol – a process where the customer is fitted with the best product for their style of play, taught about the technology in the gear, and allowed to try it out in one of the experiential zones to validate their selection. Each store has an indoor ice rink for product trial, ensuring consumers find the perfect fit in every product category. The Performance Lab further augments the experience by providing a VIP skate sharpening service with state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff sourced from professional hockey leagues.

Bauer is a brand of innovation, and merchandising solutions ¬that effectively combine product display and back stock holding power—such as the innovative stick cabinet and sliding goal pad cabinets—have been designed to reflect that. Digital touchpoints are integrated throughout the store to showcase product technologies; provide customization tools for hockey sticks and goal equipment; serve as an electronic waiver system for the experiential zones; and most importantly, reinforce the brand and Bauer's passion for the game throughout the customer journey.

In the end, Own The Moment is more than just a store – it's a best-in-class retail showcase that celebrates the Bauer brand while providing an inspiring and educational experience for people of all ages and abilities. - free Joomla templates