Designed To Care

Designed To Care
Ask any of our people about life at Perennial and they'll tell you the same thing - a culture like ours is hard to find. That's because we value personality as much as talent, hard work as much as community, and a real commitment, not just to our business, but to everything we stand for. Being part of a group this strong means we pull together when it matters most. It's what we're all about as an agency and what's at the heart of our astounding achievements beyond the world of retail design.
Literature for Life

While our work culture is founded in teamwork, collaboration and creativity, we extend this methodology to everything we do. As such, we take an active role in creating relationships with the charities we support so that our contributions have a more meaningful impact, both internally and externally.

For 2012, Perennial partnered with Literature for Life (LFL). Through their reading circles held across Toronto, LFL promotes the benefits of reading and literacy among marginalized teen mothers, helping them to realize their intellectual potential. With this potential comes self-confidence and self-esteem, along with a newfound passion for reading that's passed on to their children.

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PINC Green

Over the past several years our sustainable transformation has gathered a lot of steam, and we've been passionately walking the talk to reduce our impact on the environment. Last year, Perennial undertook several initiatives of significance, culminating in the company winning the Partners in Project Green Leadership in Sustainability award for the office sector.

From efforts to curb energy usage, track and manage utility levels, and minimize waste disposal, Perennial has embarked on a focused push to "green" our operations. Whether it's in-house or outside, we're always looking for new ways to introduce more environment-friendly business practices.

Perennial has installed a pioneering off-grid solar and wind-powered outdoor lighting and security pole outside its Toronto office. This hybrid light and security pole, most aptly named Perennial Bright generates its own energy, has no carbon footprint and will never ever rack up a power bill as long as it's in service. Want to know more about Perennial Bright?

At Perennial we don't let any of our creative ideas go to waste, quite literally. From using scrap paper to make paper notebooks, converting the office-wide printing process to manual prompts to avoid wastage to having designated stations for recycling batteries, paint, light bulbs, we try to minimize the garbage we generate.

We also try to do our bit to improve air quality and lessen traffic gridlock. Our lunch program as well as our taxi pick-up and drop off service reduces vehicle traffic to and from the office. To promote healthy eating and encourage better farming practices, we've recently partnered with Fresh City Farms to deliver locally grown, organic produce to our office every week.

Whether it's landscaping our outdoor areas to create a native plant garden and seating space, curbing our energy usage through little reminder stickers to turn off the lights, promoting physical activity over lunch by organizing a walking group or preparing to launch the PINC Yoga Studio, we're constantly expanding our internal sustainability programs.

As an organization that has embraced sustainable practices in its everyday activities, we have implemented many environment friendly programs, including the development of a team of LEED® accredited professionals. At Perennial, we believe the future holds great promise for the continued creation of sustainability programs and hope to establish an example that inspires our peers, clients, and competitors to follow suit.